The institution was established on July 10, 1968 under the “Technical Radio Control Station” operating in Baku, and passed state registration in the Ministry of Justice on July 9, 1998 under the name “State Administration of Radio Frequencies”.


Activity areas:

  • Spectrum management: managing the radio frequency spectrum used for civilian purposes and ensuring efficient use of frequencies;
  • Radio monitoring: conducting radio monitoring and radio control activities throughout the country;
  • Accounting and registration: on the basis of the decisions of the State Commission for Radio Frequencies, allocation, registration, accounting of radio frequency ratings and issuance of relevant permits for the use of radio electronic facilities operating on these frequencies;
  • Technical control: carrying out technical inspections at enterprises and organisations using radio frequencies and radio electronic facilities;
  • Coordination: Performing frequency coordination activities with the relevant agencies of neighbouring countries, taking into account the recommendations of the International Telecommunication Union and national interests, in order to ensure the unimpeded use of radio frequencies;
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC): ensuring electromagnetic compatibility of radio electronic facilities;
  • Security over the airwaves: determining the reception and coverage status of TV and FM radio broadcasts in the country, regular monitoring of the state of penetration of foreign broadcasts into the country, identifying radio electronic facilities used without proper permission and taking appropriate actions.
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