Electronic Security Center (ESC) was established on the basis of Part 5 of Decree № 708 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated September 26, 2012. The center was included in the structure of the ministry as the Electronic Security Service by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On some measures to improve governance in the fields of  transport, communications and high technologies in the Republic of Azerbaijan” dated January 12, 2018. ESC is a coordinating government body, which provides coordination of the activity of the entities of information infrastructure, awareness about existing and potential electronic threats at a country level, education of population, private and other institutions in the field of cyber security and also providing them with methodological assistance.


Activity areas:

  • Coordination of cyber security activities of information infrastructure entities;
  • collection and analysis of information received from users, software and technical equipment manufacturers, similar structures in foreign countries and other sources about cyber attacks, illegal infiltrations, malware  (hereafter referred to as electronic threats) targeting the security of  information systems and networks, computer equipment and their software, local and corporative information systems and resources;
  • implementation of information on existing and potential electronic threats at country level, providing users with education on cyber security;
  • Developing instructions for the prevention of electronic threats, including programmes, technical means that can be used against users, issuing recommendations to them, providing methodological assistance;
  • implementation of preventive measures in collaboration with the national Internet operator coordinated with the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport to prevent global cyber attacks in general Internet traffic;
  • Acting in liaison with other stakeholders operating in the country to provide training for cyber security;
  • Taking measures established by law  on the placement of information prohibited for dissemination in the Internet information resources;
  • Requiring legal and natural persons involved in the collection, processing and protection of personal data to eliminate cases of violation of the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Personal Data”.
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