SiMA – new generation digital signature

SİMA İmza is a new generation enhanced digital signature based on cloud, public key and facial recognition technologies. SİMA İmza based on a mobile app makes it more convenient to receive electronic services from anywhere and at any time, without the need to use additional tools. SİMA İmza is used by citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, individual entrepreneurs and foreigners legally residing in Azerbaijan.

SİMA İmza creates a number of advantages for both citizens and service providers. With the new generation digital signature, financial costs are reduced and time loss is prevented. One of the advantages that SİMA İmza offers to its partners is the ability to integrate into any system. Also, thanks to automation, it gives users the ability to sign  quickly and in any quantity. To take advantage of these opportunities,  citizens just need to download the SİMA İmza app to their mobile device and register once.

SİMA İmza is completely free for citizens and can be obtained by registering in the mobile application in just one minute without going anywhere, and one ID-card is enough to obtain a signature, which reduces the burden on citizens, as well as  partner organizations, in order to save time and money.

The most important advantage that SİMA İmza provides to its partners in financial transactions is the reliability of the signature. Since SİMA İmza, which is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature, is based on facial recognition technology, one person cannot sign with SİMA İmza on behalf of another person.

SİMA İmza, which increases the availability of digital services, will accelerate business processes in our country. This digital signature is applied when using services of banking and non-banking credit organizations, insurance companies, GSM operators, public and private institutions.

SİMA İmza fully complies with the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On electronic signature and electronic document”, “On biometric information” and the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers “On approval of some normative legal acts concerning electronic signature and electronic document in the Republic of Azerbaijan”.

For more information about  SİMA İmza new generation digital signature, please visit  or contact the 157 Call Center.