Financial Services Development Project

The Central Bank has issued licenses to 925 post offices to provide banking and financial services until 2023.

In 2023, the Automated Corporate Information System (ACIS) across the country (including Nakhchivan) accepted 840,537 money transfers worth AZN112,387,679 without opening an account.

The total turnover of money transfer operations conducted in international systems (Western Union, Zolotaya Korona, Contact, UPT, Granat) amounted to AZN613,454,108 and the income from duties for this service was AZN2,803,150.

During the reporting period 124,661 payment cards were issued and put into service of  customers. 120,754  plastic cards and PIN-envelopes of Azerpost LLC were printed in 2023. Currently, the total number of active payment cards owned by Azerpost LLC is 391,819.

Through mobile payment terminals SmartPay, especially in the regions, citizens have the opportunity to receive payments at their home and in the office without going to the post office. During the reporting period, payments worth AZN4,231,965,20 were accepted at terminals of this type. In addition, during 2023 at ATMs and POS terminals owned by Azerpost LLC, cash transactions in the amount of AZN18,603,375 were carried out using payment cards belonging to other banks.

Currently, customers are served through (in total) 72 ATMs, 190 Cash Out Systems, 554  POS Retail Terminals, 221 mobile payment terminals and 20 SmartPay payment terminals.

A total of 193 computers of modern type were installed at Azerpost’s head office. Sixty five  computers were replaced in post offices in Baku. A total of 1,250 units of computer equipment were repaired.

E-mails were created and configured for 1,040 users.

Networks and electrical lines were set up at the Postal Delivery Center, and technical equipment was installed at the newly allocated ECOM parcel sorting space.

A new queuing system has been created at Lankaran Customer Service Department (CSD), Post Office-3 CSD, Imishli CSD, Shirvan CSD and Yevlakh CSD.

Digital delivery units have been installed and connected to the network at AZ1000 post offices and Blue Mall trading center.

In the nine post offices allocated for  PUDO, networks and power lines have been set up and technical equipment has been provided.

Forty-seven currency exchange boards have been installed and connected to the network at post offices in Baku.

Forty-one 3kVA UPS, eleven 10kVA UPS and seven 20 kVA UPS were installed in post offices.

The connection mechanism of commercial displays used in Shebake services in Jalilabad, Zagatala, Aghdash and Bus Terminal has been changed.

Shamakhy Region Post Office was moved to a new administrative building and provided with network.

To modernize and optimize the network infrastructure architecture, two new NGFW systems were installed at AzInTelecom and two at the head office.

Seventy-six existing E1 lines were cancelled and ADSL and GPON were installed. A total of 155 post offices were provided with new ADSL and GPON connections depending on the available communications facilities in Baku and at regional post offices.

Network monitoring software was installed. At the initial stage, 500 network points were added to the monitoring system.