Relocation Programme

In order to rapidly develop the ICT sector in the world and increase competition in this area, the countries has started to establish relocation programmes in their policies

It is for this reason that the Relocation Project has been in place since 2022. The project was created on the basis of the local ecosystem development strategies of the Innovation and Digital Development Agency. The Relocation Programme offers the following benefits to foreign companies:

  • Organisation of quick and easy relocation;
  • Support for simplifying and maintaining the documentation process;
  • Support in providing accommodation and labour conditions for company employees;
  •  Full support in the process of obtaining residence and work permits;
  •  Ensuring cooperation with representatives of the business structure and venture capital industry;
  • Support in legal, financial, bank accounts and other paperwork;
  •  24/7 support.

High-level specialists will be able to apply for residency in the technology park if they meet respective conditions after relocating with their innovative projects in startups.