Technest Scholarship Programme

The Technest Scholarship Programme is a national scholarship programme operating under the Innovation and Digital Development Agency and awarding scholarships in the field of information and communication technologies.

The aim is to contribute to the process of building the country’s ICT talent pool and to meet the needs for human resources in the labour market. Under the programme, scholarships were awarded to 671 people in 2021, 782 in 2022 and 4,006 in 2023.

In order to train specialists, the Technest Scholarship Programme organizes the admission of students to the most demanded IT courses on a competitive basis in the framework of cooperation with the country’s leading ICT educational centers.

The competition is held in several stages: online application, one or more exams according to the training programme and finally an interview stage. The scholarship is open only to citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan aged 13 to 65 who have successfully passed all stages.