Baku Telephone Communications LLC (Baktelecom)  provides landline telephone communication, broadband internet, digital TV and several other telecommunications and multimedia services to  state and government agencies, institutions, businesses and organizations, as well as foreign legal entities and their representatives, to the public in the territory of Baku using state-of-the-art wired and wireless technologies.

Communication Service Center № 1 provides  various telecommunications services in the territory of Nasimi, Binagadi, Yasamal and Sabail districts through 43 automatic telephone exchanges (ATEs) of total 226 ATEs with large and small capacity that are available in the network of Baktelecom. Communication Service Center № 2 provides services in the territory of Nasimi, Narimanov, Binagadi, Sabail and Khatai districts through 34 ATEs, Communication Service Center № 3 provides services in the territory of Nizami, Khatai, Surakhani and Sabunchu districts  through 26 ATEs, Communication Service Center № 4 provides services in the territory of Sabunchu and Surakhani districts through 47 ATEs,  Communication Service Center № 5 provides services in the territory of  Khazar and Pirallahi districts through 36 ATEs,  Communication Service Center № 6 provides services in the territory of Garadagh district through 20 ATEs, and AzEvroTel LLC provides services in the territory of Sabail, Yasamal and Nasimi districts through 20 ATEs.

Baktelecom provides internet and landline telephone services to certain buildings and areas in Baku city using GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) technologies. “Fiber to the Home” internet services are provided through fiber-optic lines. As part of the work done, copper cables of various capacities are replaced with fiber optic cables meeting modern standards. In each apartment where the “Fiber to the Home” project is implemented, users will have access to the “1 line – 3 services” package. Subscribers are offered  landline telephone services, high-speed internet, and more than 150 local and international TV channels (ViTV service) at affordable rates.

Wireless Communication Service is provided on the basis of LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology  by Baku Telephone Communications LLC. This technology helps to resolve problems connected with the provision of telecommunication services in areas with limited infrastructure.

Baktelecom provides Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) for apartments and corporate businesses. The DIA service provided via fiber-optic lines allows  users to enjoy easy access to video conferencing, IP (Internet Protocol) telephony, IPTV services, as well as advantages of speed internet up to 1 Gbit / s and telephone lines.

In addition to the capital, large-scale projects on telecommunication network development are being implemented in other regions. The work is under way to establish the latest generation communication technologies and ultimately provide the population with sustainable communication, high-speed internet and other multimedia services.

The process of installing GPON technology is being carried out as part of the reconstruction work in the network of the national communication operator Aztelecom LLC. Initially, the project was launched in four regions – Absheron, Masally, Sumgayit and Ganja. GPON technology is being installed and copper cables are replaced by optical lines.The installed network  will make it possible to provide internet, telephone and TV services to customers. Comparing to other technologies, in addition to providing customers with high-speed and high-quality services through GPON technology, the opportunities to expand the range of services testify the advantages of this technology. Future projects include the installation of GPON network in other regions.

Broadband services based on LTE technology, which have been successfully implemented in Khachmaz region as a pilot project to modernize telecommunication infrastructure in  regions are now available to the population  in Absheron and Sumgayit. This technology has the advantages of high-speed data transmission and the provision of flexible telecommunications services in areas with limited infrastructure. Internet, telephone and IPTV services are offered all together for individuals and legal entities through LTE technology.

To meet the demand for telecommunications services, network reconstruction project is also underway on the basis of DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) and MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) technologies by Aztelecom LLC with the view of providing high quality, stable and versatile communication services.The main goal of the project is to increase the capacity of the backbone network.