Azparking mobile app

Parking spaces organized on public roads in the administrative territory of Baku city are managed on the basis of rules approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. The new rules are designed to establish discipline in this area, ensure financial transparency by preventing illegal collection of money.

Charges for parking of vehicles are collected on a cashless basis. For this purpose, the Azerbaijan Land Transport Agency  (AYNA) has launched a mobile app Azparking.

Users can access the application by registering with a mobile phone number. Through the application, the user will be able to quickly find parking spaces near the place where he/she is located, determine coordinates, and select a parking space. The user will also be able to get information in advance about the current state of parking spaces at the address he/she is going to leave the car.

Payments for parking can be made through the Payments section of the application. The profile section contains information about personal data, cars, bank cards, payments and individual parking tickets. Any number of cars can be added to Azparking. The virtual balance can be topped up via MilliÖn and eManat payment terminals. Payments can also be made using bank cards.

Through the Individual Parking Ticket section of the application, car users living in houses or buildings located on roadsides where parking spaces have been organized can apply for free parking. To do so, the car owner needs to apply by filling in the relevant information. The mobile app can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play Store.