Government Cloud

 The project is being implemented by AzInTelecom LLC with a view to coordinating activities on the operation of information systems, construction of infrastructure and formation of standards of government bodies.

The creation of the Government Cloud is included in the Strategic Road Map for the Development of Telecommunication and Information Technologies in the Republic of Azerbaijan, approved by Decree No. 1138 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated December 6, 2016.

According to the decree, the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies in Azerbaijan should organize the storage of state information systems and resources of government agencies, legal entities in state ownership, as well as legal entities with a controlling stake (shares) owned by the state, budgetary organizations, legal entities of public law in the Data Center, and the use of the Government Cloud, provide a technological environment for the formation and maintenance of state information systems and resources in the Data Center and models of cloud services based on cloud technologies, the organization of electronic services.

The Decree approved the Government Cloud (G-Cloud) Concept.

The concept notes that since 2000, studies conducted in the areas of purchase of information technology services or equipment, provision of information security, energy consumption and reduction of personnel costs have revealed the use of grid computing technology with one source and hosting services. However, since the use of these technologies is not efficient enough to meet the growing needs of organizations, the possibility of using of outsourcing computing services and creation of data centers on an industrial scale have led to the emergence of cloud computing technology. Cloud computing technology provides remote access to multiple computers and servers, their hosted applications, software platforms, or infrastructure from any type of device.