Telephone communication in Azerbaijan was established in 1881 by the Nobel Brothers’ Society with the construction of the first telephone line. In 1886, the centralized  switched telephone network in Baku had 40 subscribers.

As a result of the irreplaceable role of Internet these days and the growing demand for the Internet in our country, Baku Telephone Communications LLC was founded on May 10, 2001 and the company began providing broadband Internet access services.

The telecommunications services provided by Baku Telephone Communications LLC are organized at a high standard level based on the latest next-generation network technologies. The company is constantly improving to always satisfy its clients and provide the best service. In Baku, newly built residential buildings without telecommunication infrastructure, as well as newly built housing estates, are provided with the most up-to-date relevant infrastructure.

In addition to the services provided to legal entities and individuals, Baku Telephone Communications LLC also attaches great importance to social projects, therefore, since March 2017, it has started providing the Public Internet service in recreational areas and parks in Baku. Public Internet is now available in Seaside National Park and Heydar Aliyev Centre’s park, and so far millions of users have  used free Internet services.

Baku Telephone Communications LLC provides services to the population through Communication Service Centers No.1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, including “Shebeke” service centres.

Azerrabitalayiha LLC, an organisation specializing in the design of communications equipment, and AzEuroTel LLC, a telecommunications operator, are  operating under Baku Telephone Communications LLC.



Baku Telephone Communications LLC provides a range of telecommunications services, such as landline telephone, broadband Internet, digital TV and DIC, IP-telephony and other telecommunication services to state and administrative bodies, administrations, enterprises and organizations, foreign legal entities, their representations, and most importantly, to the population in Baku city using cutting-edge technologies.

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