QR ticket payment is available at all metro stations

QR ticket payment is available at all metro stations

Another step has been made towards electronization of services and ensuring digital transformation in the field of transport. Thus, passengers can now pay their fares using the QR ticket system at all stations of the Baku Metro. Passengers can use the QR payment method by downloading the BakıKart mobile app on their mobile devices.

It will be recalled that the system was first implemented as a pilot project in September this year at the stations “Khojasan” and “8 November” of the Purple Line. Technical work has already been carried out on more than 350 structures (turnstiles) at the automatic control points of all stations, devices implementing the software have been deployed, and tests have been successfully completed.

What are the advantages of the new payment method?

No card – BakıKart allows you to save money spent on buying a plastic card. To create a QR ticket, it is enough to have a mobile phone with Internet access.  

Time saving from now on there is no need to use a payment terminal to top up the balance of BakıKart plastic card. Passenger’s account balance can be easily increased and tracked through BakıKart mobile app.  

Payment history tracking the passenger can calculate periodic budget by tracking funds spent on public transport in the app.  

How to make payment with QR ticket?

To create a QR ticket, a passenger needs to download BakıKart mobile app from Google Play or App Store, register in the mobile app, top up the balance at least 1 manat, bring the QR ticket close to the turnstile display and pass.

QR ticket users should know the following:

QR ticket is valid for only one trip;

QR ticket is valid for 5 minutes;

The created QR ticket leads to blocking of 1 manat in the wallet;

The fare is deducted from the blocked amount and remaining sum is returned to the wallet;

If QR ticket is not used within 5 minutes, the blocked amount is returned to the wallet within 72 hours.

Mobile app users can contact the short number 4343 and Call Center 141 for technical questions.

It should be noted that BakıKart mobile application was launched in June this year for cashless payment on buses. With the help of the app, users will be able to plan their trips, top up their BakıKart balance and pay their fares. Also, the app allows users to create QR tickets and view their QR ticket history.

Work is currently underway to improve the current cashless payment system to enable the use of all types of payment means on public transport. Once the system is updated, it will be possible to pay with all bank cards and mobile devices supporting contactless technology.

It is worth noting that from January 2024, payment by bank card will be tested on several routes. After the tests, it is planned to start the application of the relevant payment system at the end of the first quarter of 2024.