Bakıda “Bakutel” sərgisi çərçivəsində “Əşyaların İnterneti. Növbəti nəsil” mövzusunda konfrans işinə başlayıb

Bakıda “Bakutel” sərgisi çərçivəsində “Əşyaların İnterneti. Növbəti nəsil” mövzusunda konfrans işinə başlayıb

Conference on  the theme "Internet of Things. The next generation " kicked off today  within International Exhibition of Telecommunications and Information Technologies BakuTel-2016.The conference is organized by the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies and  sponsored by company  Huawei.


The event is being  attended by representatives of global information technology companies such as Huawai, SAP and Cisco, as well as representatives of a number of international  organizations in the field of  high-technologies  , consulting agencies, chip/module/equipment suppliers and mobile operators.    


It was noted at the conference that the "Internet of Things" ranks the first place among technologies that  will  change the world in the evaluation of the World Economic Forum, and this technology is expected to be the main trend in the world economy in the next 10 years.


It was reported that some  countries have already adopted national strategies, action plans in this regard, funds allocated to research in this area is increased by  states, grants  are allocated to involve  start-ups in this process,  preferential loans are granted, as well as  future staff is prepared.


Secretary-General   of the International Telecommunication Union Houlin Zhao  spoke about main development  prospects  of the "Internet of Things".


Saying he visited BakuTel exhibition  in the past years, the Secretary General  stressed that the composition of the participating companies  is getting more and more  year after year, especially new companies from  European countries participated in the exhibition:


"Our region is considered to be a region paving the way for the most dynamic  development in the IT field. In recent years, not only in this region, we are witnessing the growth in mobile phone sales all over the world. "


Saying best performance was achieved in this area in the last 10 years,  ITU official emphasized the importance of the development  of the "Internet of Things" in this regard. Houlin Zhao  noted that efforts to promote  the development of mobile networks and devices should be increased. The Secretary-General also noted that Azerbaijan has chosen the right direction in this area:


"Progress  is observed in the field of ICT in Azerbaijan and  the impact of ICT on  other areas is also evident. Support is provided to this area at  the state level in Azerbaijan and the development of this sector is on the agenda of the government ".


Providing information on  the situation regarding the  "Internet of Things", Director General of the Executive Committee of the Regional Commonwealth in the field of  Communications (RCC) Nurudin   Mukhitdinov   spoke about prospects and expectations for the future development of the industry.


Speaking at the event, representatives of global companies such as Huawai, SAP and Cisco shared their experiences and ideas on the development of this area.


Note that  during the two-day event, the participants will discuss topics such as “Plans for ICT strategy and the Internet of Things”, “The Internet of Things”  Environment and Marketing Analysis” and  related new business opportunities, as well as improving governance by mobile operators, digitalization and business development strategies.


At the same time, issues such as creation of open and neutral platform for the development of “smart things” industry,  challenges and future prospects in this area will  be discussed at the forum.