Project Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway (TASIM) is a project of regional importance, whose aim is laying a transnational fiber-optic line covering the countries of Eurasia from Western Europe to Eastern Asia. The project envisages the creation of major transit link from Frankfurt to Hong Kong. The transit line will stretch through China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey to Germany.


From a strategic point of view, TASIM will be implemented in 2 stages. At the first stage, leading regional countries and operators will create a major Internet transit infrastructure linking East and West. At the second stage by using the created transit infrastructure the project is expected to provide internet connection at favourable prices for landlocked countries of Eurasia, including Central Asia.


Brief history of the project: 


  • In 2008, a special Baku Declaration was adopted on the creation of the project on the sidelines of Bakutel.
  • On December 21, 2009, the UN General Assembly adopted a special resolution on TASIM project;
  • In April 2010, the TASIM Management Group was created;
  • In July 2011, Azerbaijani side organized the 1st international workshop on TASIM with the participation of China Telecom (China), KazTransCom (Kazakhstan), Rostelecom (Russia), Turktelekom (Turkey) and as a result of the meeting,  the Secretariat of the project was created.
  • In 2011 in Istanbul and in 2012 in Budapest, meetings of telecom operators for the TASIM project were held;
  • In 2012 and 2013, the UN General Assembly adopted next resolutions  on TASIM project;
  • On December 3, 2013, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with 5 telecom operators participating in the project;
  • On July 10-12, 2014, the 5th International Workshop  on TASIM project was held with the participation of China Telecom , KazTransCom , Rostelecom , Turktelekom  in Baku.
  • On November 29, 2016, informal high-level meeting of TASIM member countries was held on the sidelines of exhibition and conference Bakutel ;
  • On April 13, 2017, an informal meeting of representatives of the embassies of four consortium countries  (Russia, China, Turkey, Kazakhstan) in the Republic of Azerbaijan, SOCAR, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was held to promote the negotiations on TASIM project under the leadership of the Minister of Transport, Communications and High Technologies;
  • On May 16-17, 2017, a meeting of the TASIM subgroup was held in Istanbul on the sidelines of the 2nd meeting of the Working Group on ICT of the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking Countries  with the participation of the delegations of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, discussions  were held on the selection of a contractor company for the preparation of  technical and economic  feasibility ;
  • On September 7, 2017,   next meeting of  TASIM  working group  was held in Almaty at the invitation of the Kazakh company KazTransCom. It was officially announced at the meeting that along with KazTransCom, Transtelecom is joining the project from Kazakhstan. 
  • The proposal of the Azerbaijani side to create an integrated budget for conducting a detailed feasibility study for the implementation of TASIM project was commended.

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