Frequency management

In order to manage radio spectrum in the country, the State Commission for Radio Frequencies (SCFR) was established under the Cabinet of Ministers in accordance with the decree of the President of Azerbaijan dated August15, 1996.


The Commission is headed by Azerbaijan’s Deputy Prime Minister Abid Sharifov.


Radio frequencies are allocated by the SCFR according to 1.3 paragraph of the Decision #22 of the Cabinet of Ministers dated February 1, 2007 on approval of the “Rules on allocation, registration, use of radio frequencies and determining payment”.Based on the decision of the Commission, frequency nominals used for civilian purposes, are allocated to frequency waves identified in the table on the allocation of frequency waves for joint use.Accounting and registration of frequency nominals allocated by the Commission for civilian purposes, and registration of radio electronic facilities used in the same frequencies, are conducted by the State Administration of Radio Frequencies (SARF) of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies.


For this purpose, main obligations of SARF are as follows: 

  • Planning of use of radio electronic facilities on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, definition of operating frequencies and call signals for these means and their registration in accordance with the decisions of the SCFR;
  • State control over compliance with rules for purchasing, designing, construction (installation) and operation of radio electronic facilities and high-frequency devices on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as compliance with parameters of radio radiation of these facilities and devices with existing norms and state standards.
  • Control over supply electrical equipment, machinery, apparatus and appliances auxiliary devices for radio noise suppression;
  • Identification of illegal use of radio electronic facilities, revealing illegal operating radio, TV broadcasts and taking measures against them.


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