High technologies

High technologies are the most advanced and science intensive technologies in modern world and the move to high-technologies and corresponding equipment is an important part of the scientific-technical revolution in the modern era.


Taking into account the aforesaid, High Tech Research Center was established under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies, which aims to import advanced technologies into Azerbaijan and develop science-based industries in the country.


The Centre is working on converging technologies of the XXI century, which is uniting nanotechnology, biotechnology, neuroelectronics and artificial intelligence, creates evolution industry of the future and is formed in automated form in conformity to natural laws.


Up-to-date equipment of the Center, which has no analogues in the CIS and some European countries, the unification of all the equipment, produced in the USA and Germany, in one establishment, create a good foundation to achieve the set goals.


Next generation laboratory has been installed in the Center, including photometric laboratory, biochemical nanotechnology laboratory, carbon nanotechnology laboratory, optical spectrometry laboratory, the laboratory of electron microscopy (Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)).


Besides that, “Clean Room” was created there in accordance with the European standards, where high-tech products are made.


Science-intensive products based on high-technologies are manufactured and demonstrated at the Center.


Projects, implemented in the Center:


  • Production of low power-consuming, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient LED lamps (particularly, street lighting). Produced LED lamps are manufactured using original technologies of the Center, and then tested in the photometric laboratory. Drivers (Driver-Intelligent and isolated power supply), which are of great importance for the LED lamps are also assembled through the technology of the Center.
  • Aerosol-CVD technology was created for manufacturing carbon nanotubes, single and multiwall carbon nanotubes are manufactured. The manufactured samples are designed for use in information technologies and various spheres of industry (ecology, defence industry, construction sector, engineering industry).
  • Bionanotechnologies for modern medical diagnosis - porphyrin nanotubes (for delivery of drugs to infected cells in body) and DNA synthesis.

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