National Certification Services Center

About the project


Creation of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) will create possibilities whereby the use of e-signature in the Republic of Azerbaijan can be achieved in accordance with existing legisla­tion. Such infrastructure will create possibilities for the use of e-signature in the social and eco­nomic fields of the country. The benefits include improving communication with citizens by en­suring the proper identification of users in the new ICT projects and the solution of security-related documentary issues. The created National Certification Services Center (NCSC) will ensure the activities of other certification services centers in the country.


Aims of the Project


  • Creation of an organizational, technical and technological environment to organize the activities of the NCSCs in the country;
  • Creation and organization of activities of the NCSCs in respect of the organization of e-signature systems within the state authorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Organization of the activities of the appropriate NCSCs for managing the use of e-signature by the population and business entities of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • To regulate mutual relationships among the centers including in the National Centers Systems of the Republic of Azerbaijan and other centers located in foreign countries.


Components of the NCSCs


Public Key Infrastructure is to be established with a hierarchical structure. The Supreme Certification Service Center is located at the base of this hierarchy and issues and registers the e-signature certificates required for the activities of the other centers to be established. The next level of the hierarchy includes the State Bodies Center of same authorities, the E-government Center and further centers to be created.


Supreme Center


The functions of the Supreme Center include the granting and supervision of the certification of the centers which are included in the national system. It also defines the policies for the activities of such centers.


State Authorities Center


 The functions of this center include the certification of users for the use of e-signature in state bodies.


E -government Center


The functions of this Center include the granting and supervision of the certification of businesses and citizens for communication involving e-signature for dealings between them and state bodies.


Possible areas of application of e-signature:


  • Use of e-documents in government-to-citizen and government-to-business relations;
  • Organization of e-services;
  • Increased application in e-trade;
  • Information exchange involving government bodies, citizens and business entities.



Efficiency of e-signature use:


  • Enhanced opportunity for e-document circulation;
  • Computerization of procedures for clerical work and elimination or minimization of paper-based activities;
  • Increased transparency and creation of better possibilities for supervision of documentary work processes;
  • Creation of multi-user applications involving the same document;
  • More effective compliance with documentary requirements;
  • Automation and accelerated preparation of accounts;
  • Opportunity for increased use of the information technologies by personnel of the organization and state enterprises;
  • Facilitating more efficient document archiving systems;
  • Organization of online services with increased security;
  • Increased effectiveness of management;
  • Convenient and faster submission of requests in the correct form to the appropriate bodies by citizens and business enterprises.

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