National Certification Services Center

About the project


In accordance with current legislation, the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has been created in the Republic of Azerbaijan in order to ensure the use of electronic signatures. The created infrastructure allows the use of electronic signatures for the development of relations in the digital environment in the socio-economic spheres of the country.

The aim of the project 

-Creation of an organizational, technical and technological environment for the  organization of  the activities of the Certification Service Centers in the country; 
-Creation and organization of activities of the Certification Service Centers  to ensure the introduction of electronic signatures in the government agencies of the Republic of Azerbaijan; 

-Organization of the activities of the appropriate Certification Service Centers   for the use of electronic signatures by the population and business entities of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

Possible application  areas of electronic signature

-Use of electronic documents in government-to-citizen and government-to-business relations; 
-Organization of electronic services
-Expansion of e-commerce
-Information exchange involving government bodies, citizens and business entities

Advantages of electronic signature

-Identification – Identification of the person signing the electronic document with an e-signature
-Integrity – The integrity of an electronic document signed with e-signature is protected
-Nonrepudiation – The inability of the person signing the electronic document to deny the electronic signature

Who can use an electronic signature?

-Citizens; Users who have received an electronic signature certificate can authenticate on registration portals using a signature certificate, apply to government agencies, conduct official correspondence and use e-mail services.
-Physical persons; Ensures that taxpayers engaged in entrepreneurial activities that are not legal entities, submit  reports on their activities to the relevant bodies using electronic services. 

-Legal entities; The use of electronic services by business entities acting as legal persons in the Republic of Azerbaijan provides automatic conclusion of electronic contracts.

-Government agencies; Ensures that electronic signature certificates obtained by government officials in the performance of their official duties are used for electronic document circulation within the limits of their powers.

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