Digital TV broadcasting

Introduction of digital TV broadcasting in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan


In accordance with order №274 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated September 13, 2006, implementation of the European DVB-T standard for digital TV broadcasting in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan was considered appropriate. “Program on introduction and development of DVB-T digital TV broadcasting system in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan” was approved by decision №26 of the Cabinet of Ministers dated February 10, 2011.


The first digital TV transmitter in Azerbaijan was installed in 2004 in Baku city. Then, 4-TV programs were tested in MPEG-2 standard using this transmitter. In 2008, test of MPEG-4 standard TV broadcasting started in Baku .


In 2009, 12 television programs started to be broadcast in the MPEG-4 standard in Baku and surrounding areas. In the same year 35% of the population already had the opportunity to receive signal for digital TV. In 2010, digital TV broadcast network expanded considerably, and along with Baku city, began broadcasting in Ganja, Shirvan and in the southern region of the country. Thus, 55% of the population was provided with the coverage of digital TV.


In 2011, one of the key issues was to provide 85% of the population with open package of digital television before the end of the year. To this end, various powerful TV transmitters were installed at the television stations of the republic. At present, approximately 99,8 % of the populated areas in the country has been covered by open package digital broadcasting of 10-12 TV programs.


To receive digital TV programs, the population is recommended to get a digital TV or use the receiving-converter equipment (decoder, set-top-box). The plants “Kur” (in Mingachevir) and “Sputnik” (in Baku) launch production of the above -mentioned converter units (decoders). Appropriate measures are also being taken for the import of decoders into the country by companies  and organize their sales.

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