TV and radio broadcasting

Radio broadcasting in Azerbaijan for the first time was started on November 6, 1926, but TV broadcasting - on   February 14, 1956.

Currently, radio broadcast in the country is transmitted on medium (AM radio 526.5-1606.5 KHz) and ultra-short (FM radio 88MHz-108 MHz) waves, and television programs in the standard PAL, D / K and III, IV and V TV ranges. It should be noted that digital TV broadcasting network is based on the DVB-T standard.

On medium waves radio broadcast “Azerbaijan” and “Broadcasting to foreign countries” is broadcast in different languages. Reception of programs at these wavelengths, depending on the technical features, is provided not only in the country but also abroad.

In addition to the national TV programs in analog format, the regional TV programs are currently  broadcast  in the country.

National radio and TV programs, in addition to terrestrial broadcasting, are also broadcast via satellites (for example, satellite  Azerspace) .


The introduction of new digital technologies in the field of radio and TV broadcasting, has led to the need to replace analog standard with more modern digital standards. As in other countries, relevant measures are being taken today for the transition to digital television broadcasting in the country by  the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies .


According to Order № 274 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic dated 13 September 2006, the introduction of the European digital TV standard DVB-T was considered expedient and “Program on Implementation and Development of digital broadcasting DVB-T in Azerbaijan Republic” was approved by the Resolution № 26 of the Cabinet of Ministers dated February 10, 2011. The main advantages of the transition to digital broadcasting is to improve the quality of television programs, create favorable conditions for more effective use of frequency resources of strategic importance and receive numerous TV programs via terrestrial broadcast. Test broadcasting in the new format was started in New Teletower for the first time in Baku in 2004 in connection with the transition to digital broadcasting in Azerbaijan. Standard DVB-T MPEG-4 was adopted in the republic for digital TV broadcast. Thus, all cities and regional centers of the country, as well as neighbouring settlements are provided with an open digital TV package.

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