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To accelerate the international IT integration of a country and create new virtual opportunities like e-government, e-trade, etc., a continuous increasing computerizing level of the population is required.

On the initiative of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies, with participation of leading international companies, the implementation of our “National Computer” project has been commenced.



Conditions of the project:


Copy of the project agreement is printed (2 copies)

Download here:


for teachers of comprehensive schools  


for university teachers, students and schoolchildren    

The agreement (2 copies) is filled in and signed by the participant and confirmed by the head of the educational institution;


The confirmed agreement (2 copies) is sent to the department of information systems for education management of the Ministry of Education (or to the Information Society Development Department of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies)


After consideration, the agreement is confirmed by “Vendor” (BestComp Group Company).


Then one copy of the agreement and ordered computer are delivered to the address of the “Buyer” (to educational institution where the participant works / studies) by post. “Buyer” pays the amount stated in the agreement monthly to the appropriate account applying to the nearest post office with the agreement..


Description of the project


Implementation of the “National Computer” project is the manifestation of a successful co-operation of the governmental and private sectors in Azerbaijan, as well as a partnering of state structures and the ICT sector with leading international business enterprises.


Implementation of the project commenced in April 2009. The first stage of this project was implemented for teachers at secondary schools by the Ministry of Education with hardware support by HP, software by Microsoft and operational support by the local BestComp Group. Then schoolchildren, students and university teachers were connected to the project. Local company «BestComp Group» has been defined the operator of the project.

The general administration of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies and “Azerpost” LLC provides for the delivery of computers through the postal network throughout the country.


Aims of the Project

  • To enable various social strata of the population to purchase modern computers and licensed software on favorable terms;
  • To accelerate the training process of the population in applications affording them access to the information age;
  • To protect intellectual property and further training of persons in ICT;
  • To enable population of the regions to buy computers and support for low-income social groups.


Terms and Advantages of the Project

  • Buyers of computers can obtain modern computers without down payments, free of interest and at prices 25-30% below the normal market price;
  • Computer buyers are provided with licensed software;
  • Concessions are provided to the buyers to gain access to Internet;
  • Through the provision of good quality hard and software the buyers can increase their knowledge of computers.

Results expected from the execution of the Project

  • The number of computers  in Azerbaijan will reach the world average before the completion of the project
  • The ability of and use by the population of e-government services, provided by government, will increase;
  • The population and private enterprises will increase their interest in trade and services provided via Internet;
  • The implementation of the project will decrease software licensing and copyright infringements by reducing piracy levels, thereby meeting the requirements of intellectual property laws;
  • Requirements for national information resources and programs will increase.


The obtained initial results

  • The obtained initial results
  • Over 20,000 computers were purchased by participants in the first stage;
  • An automated system was created for the project management;
  • The site of the project was created and information on the services is provided;
  • Online payment system was introduced to repay a credit;
  • Other software and hardware producers show interest in the project. In addition, antivirus programs and modems are offered for broadband access;
  • It is planned to expand the project to other social groups.

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