Registration of radio facilities

Documents to be submitted to the State Administration of Radio Frequencies (SARF) in connection with the allocation of frequency nominal:


  1. Appeal addressed to chief of the State Administration of Radio Frequencies for allocation of frequency nominal (band).
  2. Appeal for allocation of frequency band
  3. Copy of the approval letter issued by State Commission for Radio Frequencies
  4. Copy of legal entity’s charter (regulations).
  5. Copies of legal entity’s registration certificates
  6. Copy of natural person’s ID card.
  7. Technical specifications of radioelectronic devices to be used
  8. Documents required for registration of radioelectronic devices in SARF for organization of scheme of radio communication:
  9. Appeal addressed to chief of State Administration of Radio Frequencies, for registration of radio electronic devices  in SARF.
  10. Copy of a special permit issued by Ministry of Communications and High Technologies for RED’s civil circulation.
  11. Copy of the certificate of conformity issued to radio electronic devices.
  12. Personal documents of radio electronic devices approved and filled in the appropriate order.


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