Organization of international telecommunication channels

Application form:


1. A copy of relevant document on applicant’s registration by tax authorities;


2. A copy of document confirming applicant’s right to use (right to ownership, lease, use, etc.) for each facility specified in the application;


3. Copies of certificates issued in accordance with existing legislation of Azerbaijan Republic on use of telecommunications facilities and devices on the subject of license;


4. Technical conditions of special equipment envisaged for obtaining of information from telecommunications and other communications networks agreed with the Ministry of National Security with the purpose of ensuring national security and in accordance with these technical conditions, warranty on supply with equipment of special purpose, ensuring obtaining of information from the position of national security of all kinds communication systems designed, installed and operated inside general communication network (with the exception of networks owned by institutions, enterprises having no access to general telecommunications network);


5. If radio communications and radio-frequencies are used for implementation of the activity, the conclusion of the State Commission for Radio Frequencies on possibility of allocation of radio frequencies for each facility;


6. Information about organization of communication and structure of the network;


7. Copies of documents confirming applicant’s right to use (right to ownership, lease, use, etc.), telecommunications facilities and devices required for organization of the services;


8. A copy of document confirming at least 5 year experience of the applicant in telecommunications sphere for implementation of the activity of international telecommunications channels.


9. Document confirming payment of state due for obtaining license, in the absence of refusal to issue a license.

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