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Allocation and use of number resources in the telecommunications network of Azerbaijan Republic is governed by the “Rules of allocation and use of number resources” (Rules) registered by the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan Republic, License № 15201209030001 of September 12, 2012).


Taking into account the principles set forth in the Regulations, the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies (hereinafter -Ministry) allocates number resources for telecom operators, providers as well as other legal and natural persons (applicant) operating in the public telecommunication network.


Number resources are allocated under existing laws and regulations on the basis of written request of the applicants to organize services in telecommunications sector requiring special permission (license) as well as other services.


The applicant files application with attached documents specified in the 2.1 paragraph of the Regulations to the Ministry for allocation of number resources. If there are shortcomings in the submitted documents outlined in the 10th paragraph of the Rules, the Ministry denies the applicant in the allocation of number resources.


The Ministry carries out analysis of the technical feasibility of allocation of number resources and decides on the allocation of number resources not later than 30 calendar days from the date of submission of all documents specified in the 2.1 paragraph of regulations.


In accordance with the decision adopted on the allocation of number resources, an agreement must be concluded between the applicant and the Ministry, and once-only payment should be made by the applicant within 10 (ten) banking days in accordance with tariffs approved by the Tariff (Price) Council of Azerbaijan Republic. After submission of copies of documents on payment to the ministry, a notification on the use of allocated number resources is sent to the applicant, operators, providers of public telecommunications networks.


Annual payments, to be paid by the applicant for the use of number resources allocated is made no later than June 1 for the first, and not later than December 1 for the second half year, to the universal telecommunications services account under the treasury department #1 of the State Treasury Agency. Copies of the documents confirming payment must be submitted to the Ministry. In case of arrears, the applicant shall pay interest under the Civil Code of Azerbaijan Republic.


The applicant may hand over number resources or part of it to other party only with the consent of the Ministry on the basis of the agreement. In case of identifying the incompatibility of the number resources to the Regulations, the Ministry warns the applicant in written form and requires the implementation of activities on the basis of these regulations.


In case of repetition of such cases, the Ministry decides on withdrawal of number resources. The ministry immediately notifies the applicant about the decision, and withdraws the number resources within 30 calendar days.


In the event of complete or partial withdrawal of number resources allocated to the applicant, paid means is not refunded and no compensation is paid.

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