Goal: To provide the population with modern and quality telecommunication services


Executors:  Aztelecom LLC and Baku Telephone Communications LLC


GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) project has already been launched. Thus, Internet services are provided in certain buildings and areas in Baku and a number of regions of the country using GPON technology, and these services are provided through fiber-optic lines.


As part of the work done, copper cables of different capacities are put out of operation and replaced with fiber-optic cables meeting modern standards.


Within the framework of this project, users in each apartment have the opportunity to connect to the package “1 line – 3 services”. These services include the use of fixed telephony, high-speed Internet access and viewing more than 150 local and international TV channels (with the ability to view any broadcast from the archive for the last 3 days in memory).


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