Road transport

The history of road transport in Azerbaijan dates back to the early 20th century. There were only 36 cars in Azerbaijan in 1911, while the length of paved roads totaled 210 kilometers.


In the 1920s-1930s, the foundation of a specialized motor vehicle fleet was laid in Azerbaijan for the implementation of technological and special measures in particular in the oil industry.


In 1926, there were 896 vehicles in the fleet of motor vehicles in the Republic, 275 of them were cars, 518 lorries, and 103 were specialized vehicles. More than 400 trucks were in the possession of AzNeft.


The expansion of the moto park contributed to the increase in the length of highways. Within specified period, it was 6500 km, while the length of the union and republican roads was 2300 km.


In order to meet the transport needs in the industry, agriculture, defense and other branches of a rapidly developing republic, the creation of a vehicle fleet was one of the most important measures.


In this regard, in 1935-1936 a branch of the “Soyuztrans” haulage company was established in the republic, which included automobile detachments for freight and passenger transportation.


In 1939, National Moto Transport Commissariat (with 600-800 automobiles) and in March 1946 Ministry of Road Transport were established.


Developing dynamically, the Ministry of Road Transport reached its peak in the 1987-1990s and included 140 moto transport enterprises, 9 industrial, 11 construction.


“Azeravtonegliyyat” State Concern was established in February 1992. The moto vehicle fleet comprised 16000 lorries, 7600 cars (taxis), and 5800 buses.


In accordance with the programs of privatization of state property in the Republic of Azerbaijan, the privatization of transport enterprises began in 1995, and now, with the exception of those located on the territories occupied by the Armenian invaders, almost all moto transport enterprises have been privatized.


The Regulations on the Ministry of Transport was approved by Decree No.880 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated June 10, 2003. In accordance with the implementation of paragraph 8 of the Decree, the Department of Avtonegliyyatservis was established by Order No.04 of the Ministry of Transport dated June 24, 2003.


The structure of the department “Avtognegliyyatservis” included:


Training course center - was established in 1934 and engaged in the training of personnel for the oil industry in the field of transport. At present, the center plays an important role in providing the Ministry of Defense with drivers, training various categories of drivers to transport passengers and goods in the republic and improving their skills. The center also provides a special training for bus drivers of regular passenger traffic. It has branches in Ganja, Lankaran, Bilasuvar, Nakhchivan and Shirvan.


In order to determine the conformity of vehicles to technical requirements, the Technical Inspection Center was established by Order No. 32 / Ü of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated September 15, 2003. It has  branches in Sumgayit, Ganja, Yevlakh, Sheki, Goychay, Shirvan, Lankaran and Guba.


The motor transport enterprise LLC “Avtonegliyatservis” renders transport services on a paid basis to the population, foreign guests, local and foreign organizations in holding state events.


The Technical Sports Club -  holds sports events in the field of motor transport (currently is not functioning).


For the purpose of regulating and improving legal and economic relations and state control system between state bodies, carriers, owners of infrastructure facilities and consumers of transport services in connection with the provision of services for passenger transport and goods by road, as well as in connection with infrastructure facilities for road transport, the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Road Transport was adopted on April 1, 2008. In order   to ensure the requirements of Decree No.792 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated July 4, 2008 on the application of this Law, the State Road Transport Service of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established on the basis of “Avtoneglyyatservis” Department LLC of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan. “Regulations on the State Road Transport Service of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan” was approved by Decree No.472 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated July 20, 2011.


The State Road Transport Service was included in the structure of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated January 12, 2018.


The State Road Transport Service is the executive authority responsible for state regulation in the field of road transport, state control over ensuring the needs of the population and the economy for transport by road and other transport services, adherence to the rules and requirements of domestic and international passenger and freight traffic, as well as normative legal acts and international treaties in the relevant field, to which the Republic of Azerbaijan is a signatory.


The State Road Transport Service participates in the development of the state policy in the field of road transport and the implementation of legal regulation in this area, takes measures in the development of passenger and freight transport by road, monitors the implementation of international norms and regulations by road transport entities engaged in  carrying out international and domestic  conveyance of passengers and goods, as well as compliance with regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan, ensures the organization of regular passenger transportation by road and  formation of  government order in this area, takes measures as required by law for the safe performance of transport by road on the basis of uniform standards and rules, carries out activities in other areas determined by law.

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