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National Nuclear Research Center CJSC

Taking into account  the need to  use  nuclear technologies  for peaceful purposes in accordance with up-to-date requirements and national interests, as well as the improvement of material and technical base in the field of nuclear technology, improvement of material and technical base of nuclear technologies  and   enhancing the capacity of highly qualified personnel and  the expansion of research National Nuclear Research Center Closed Joint-Stock Company  whose shares belong to the state  was established  under the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan by Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated May 8, 2014. The Charter of the Center was approved by decision of the Cabinet of Ministers dated December 3, 2014.


Activity Areas: 


development of nuclear technologies for peaceful purposes in accordance with modern demand and national interests, ensuring their use;


expansion of scientific research in the field of nuclear sciences and nuclear technologies, as well as defining of current scientific and technological areas in the interests of the Republic of Azerbaijan and conducting  fundamental and practical research in these areas;


improvement of  material and technical base of the sphere of nuclear technologies, including nuclear research reactor, creation and development of scientific-practical and technical base of  the company in accordance with  national and international norms and standards;


enhancing  the capacity of highly-qualified personnel in the field of nuclear science and nuclear technology, training of personnel  and increasing their professional  skills  in accordance with the areas of activity of the Company;


implementation of cooperation with the relevant agencies of foreign countries, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and other international organizations in accordance with the  directions of the activity of the Company;


participation in global scientific and scientific-technical programs, experiments and researches in the field of  nuclear technology, nuclear science, including high energy physics  held by the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN)  and  other international scientific centers ;


search for stockpiles of nuclear materials in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the assessment of its potential;


expansion of opportunities of  Gamma Radiation Facility  for the purpose of sterilization, development of materials used in   medicine, agriculture, industry and other areas, the development of materials used in the radiation method;


Participation in ongoing projects in the Republic of Azerbaijan and state programs for nuclear and radiation safety, preparation of proposals for the application of nuclear energy and providing scientific methodological support to the measures taken in this area.