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State Road Transport Service

State Road Transport Service is the central executive body implementing  state regulation in the field of road transport, meeting the needs of  population and  economy for transportation by road and other transportation services in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, exercising  state control over compliance with  rules and requirements  for international and domestic passenger and cargo transportation, as well as the provisions  of normative legal acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the relevant field, and international treaties  supported by  the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Activity areas:


 State Road Transport Service participates in the development of state policy in the field of road transport and the implementation of normative legal regulation in this field, carries out measures to develop passenger and cargo transportation by road,  exercises control over  compliance  with international norms and rules  as well as normative legal acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan by international and domestic passenger and cargo carriers,  and ensures the organization of regular passenger transportation by road and formation of state order in this field,  take measures  pursuant to the legislation for safe transportation by road on the basis of uniform norms and rules, operates in other directions defined by the legislation.



Regional offices of the State Road Transport Service include:


Baku Regional Office

Sumgait Regional Office

Ganja Regional Office

Tovuz Regional Office

Yevlakh Regional Office

Shirvan Regional Office

Goychay Regional Office

Shaki Regional Office

Guba Regional Office

Lankaran Regional Office.



Subordinate organizations of the State Road Transport Service are as follows:


Ganja  Regional Transport  LLC № 1 

Guba Regional Transport  LLC № 2

Shirvan Regional Transport  LLC № 3

Lankaran Regional Transport  LLC № 4

Yevlakh Regional Transport  LLC № 5

Shaki Regional Transport  LLC № 6

Goychay Regional Transport  LLC № 7

Sumgait Regional Transport  LLC № 8

Ujar Regional Transport  LLC № 9

Shamkir Regional Transport  LLC № 10

Tovuz Regional Transport  LLC № 11

Beylagan Regional Transport  LLC № 12

Jalilabad Regional Transport  LLC № 13

Shamakhy Regional Transport  LLC № 14

Mingachevir Regional Transport  LLC № 15

Transport Services  LLC.