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High Tech Research Center

Proper choice of priorities in the era of convergence of high technologies is a key factor in the creation of high-tech economy and ensuring its sustainable development.


Taking this into consideration, government-funded High Tech Research Center under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies (MCIT) of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established by resolution №228 of the Cabinet of Ministers dated September 23, 2008.


The aim of the center is to import cutting-edge technologies to Azerbaijan and development of high technology industry.


Directions of activity:


Prototype products obtained in modern laboratories (Clean room) created in the High-Tech Research Center are currently in the phase of  transition to industrialization on the basis of  energy-saving and environment strategy ensuring sustainable economic growth. This is carried out according to the scheme of ®industrial transition (Industrialization) → creation and development of a prototype (Product Development) → basic technology research (Core Tech Research) → scientific study (Basic Research).


The latest generation of rich laboratories has been established in the center, including photometric laboratory, biochemical nanotechnology laboratory, carbon nanotechnology laboratory A-CVD, optical spectrometry laboratory, electron microscopy laboratory (Atomic Force Microscope - AFM, scanning electron microscope - SEM).


Competitive prototypes of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) with varying color temperature and color transmission index were created, a small-scale LED production line (Next stage after chip) was established and a successful pilot project was implemented.


Driver-Intelligent and isolated power supply with a power factor of> 0.95 was designed for connecting of produced LED lamps into electrical circuit. Pure and small (5-10 nm) of carbon nanotubes with heat-resistant and strong mechanical impact-resistant electromagnetic properties were obtained and their application to polymeric materials is studied.


Also, successful results were achieved in a number of areas in the field of biotechnology research .


It is planned to create a chip technology in order to improve the quality of work in this area and to obtain top results on the basis of the state-of-the-art technologies.


The establishment of the chip technology in the center will enable the development of not only LED-chips of different parameters, but also laser diodes, as well as the Dual band Image Sensors.