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25.03.2020 / 13:03

Baku Taxi Service LLC continues measures to combat spread of coronavirus

To prevent the spread of coronavirus, all taxis belonging to the Baku Taxi Service LLC under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies are disinfected on a daily basis. For this purpose, drivers are also supplied with antiseptic solutions, alcohol, gloves, masks and the necessary means of prevention. Taxis are equipped with special devices filled with alcohol for cleaning hands by passengers when using them.


Additionally, Baku Taxi Service LLC carries out relevant awareness-raising activities in connection with the coronavirus. Thus, all taxis belonging to LLC have special boards to inform drivers and passengers about the prevention of coronavirus infection. Also, information boards were installed inside the organization to educate service employees in this regard.


In general, the necessary preventive measures are underway, and the sanitary and hygienic situation is continuously monitored to protect the health of citizens.





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