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12.05.2023 / 12:48

Minister Rashad Nabiyev met with Azerbaijani winners of TEKNOFEST 2023

Digital Development and Transport Minister Rashad Nabiyev has met with Azerbaijani winners and startuppers representing the Azerbaijani pavilion at the TEKNOFEST Aerospace and Technology Festival, held in Istanbul, Turkiye from April 27 through May 1.


At the meeting, Minister Rashad Nabiyev congratulated the winners, saying initiatives such as TEKNOFEST play a special role in attracting the younger generation to the aviation, space and technology fields, turning it into a nationwide movement and, as a result, creating national technological solutions in critical areas.


The minister stressed that the projects presented on this platform have a chance to become a global company, a product in the future. He noted that young people who participate and succeed in the festival become a source of motivation for their peers, leading to an increased interest in technology in general among the younger generation.


At the meeting, certificates were presented to the winning teams and startups.


It should be noted that 16 Azerbaijani teams made it to the final stage of the competition at TEKNOFEST 2023 in Turkiye, in which more than 100 students took part. At the Akıllı ulaşım competition, Driver’s Eye from Baku State University took first place. Second place at the ISIF 2023 International Patents Competition went to Jeyhun Khalilov, chairman of the Public Association Promoting  Development of New Technologies (project Electronic Inverter Controller), and the Smart Drip Irrigation System project of Baku State University won the third place (Tarım teknolojisi competition). At the same time, the Ejder Drones team, made up of young people from Azerbaijan and Turkiye, was awarded third place at university and higher level in the Disaster Management category “Technologies for the Benefit of Humanity”.


Projects ONNO, Uvodo, WakeX and CustomAr were also among the startups representing the Azerbaijani pavilion.


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