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30.01.2023 / 12:23

Aztelecom starts providing Kichik Dehne village in Sheki with high-speed internet using GPON technology

Aztelecom LLC started providing broadband services based on GPON technology in Kichik Dehne village in Sheki.


The implementation of Aztelecom’s network expansion project with the introduction of new technologies in the residential area started in October 2021. All old telephone poles in the village network have been replaced with new ones, and fibre optic cables have been laid instead of physical cables. An Optical Line Terminal (OLT) with IP multimedia installation capacity of 6,144 has been commissioned to replace a TDM station with limited technical capacity. A fibre optic cable network has been laid in all neighborhoods and streets of Kichik Dehne village and optical distribution boxes have been installed near houses at a distance according to technical standards.


According to official statistics, there are 2,800 households in the village of Kichik Dehne. During September–December last year, 869 subscribers of the existing TDM station were transferred to the OLT station and new telephone and internet lines were installed in the flats of 450  residents of the village. There are currently 1,319 GPON users in the village.


There are technical capabilities for each household in Kichik Dehne village for connecting to the GPON network on a contract basis.


With the introduction of the new GPON technology, subscribers are offered higher-speed internet packages (from 30 Mbit/s to 100 Mbit/s). The packages are as follows:




– Internet+telephony+television


Charges for services range from 18 to 54 AZN, depending on the tariff chosen and user requirements.


To connect to the services, citizens can call the 170 Aztelecom hotline, contact the local service department (address: 156a M.A.Rasulzade, Sheki city, telephone: (024) 244 18 90, (024) 244 18 99, (024) 244 90 54), or they can also apply through the company’s official website.


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