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01.08.2022 / 15:12

Three more services integrated into ministry’s Single Electronic Services Portal

Three more new services have been integrated into the Single Electronic Services Portal (, created by AzInTelecom LLC in order to make available e-services of the agencies within the Ministry of Digital Development & Transport and its subordinate bodies through a single system.


The new integrated services include “Detailed information on telephone”, “Information on electronic orders” and “Information on long-distance and international calls for current month”.


The service “Detailed information on telephone” provides landline phone numbers in the name of citizens and address, telephone exchange, contract date, connected services and information about the debt on this number.


Through the service “Information on electronic orders”, you can receive information about the status of electronic orders addressed to the corresponding services and the type of operation.


Using the service “Information on long-distance and international calls for current month”, users can receive information about long-distance and international calls made during a month, only on the landline telephone numbers registered in their names. The information provided includes the date and time of calls, call duration, as well as the number of the call and the amount of payment.


The Ministry of Digital Development and Transport provides citizens with 57 digital services through various online resources. Work is currently underway to integrate all services into a single portal. A total of 12 services have been integrated into the portal, and 45 more services are planned to be included in the portal in the near future.


Citizens can use the registered digital services provided on the portal by registering through ASAN Login. For unregistered services, as the name implies, registration is not required.


The goal of the portal, along with improving citizen satisfaction, is to provide quality, secure and efficient digital services through the rational use of resources. By establishing direct communication between the Ministry of Digital Development & Transport and citizens through the portal, it will be possible to improve the quality of services provided and create new services according to needs.


Furthermore, the creation of the portal will have a positive impact on increasing access to digital services as well as the development of e-government and will further increase efficiency and transparency.


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