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13.07.2022 / 12:25

Procedure for allocating frequencies for mobile radios simplified

The relevant work is ongoing to make the services provided by the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport (MDDT) more accessible and increase user satisfaction.


On the basis of a request from the MDDT, the issue of simplifying the procedure for allocating frequencies for mobile radio stations was considered at the regular meeting of the State Commission on Radio Frequencies of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


According to the decision of the State Commission, in order to use analogue and digital mobile radio stations PMR 446 (Private Mobile Radio, 446 MHz), from now on, legal entities and individuals carrying out activities on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan shall apply directly to the State Administration  of Radio Frequencies (SARF) – a subordinate body  of the MDDT in accordance with current regulations, for allocation and registration of specific nominal frequencies in the 446,000–446,100 MHz band and registration of mobile radio stations  to be used on these frequencies.


It should be recalled that until now, those wishing to use radio stations of this type had to apply to the State Commission, and under the existing rules the commission considered the applications and made a decision within two months.


Under the new amendments, after applicants submit the required documents to the SARF, users will be allocated nominal frequencies within three working days. 


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