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19.05.2022 / 15:11

AzInTelecom LLC and Oracle become partners

AzInTelecom LLC under the Ministry of Digital Development & Transport has become a partner of Oracle, the well-known American multinational computer technology corporation. Under the partnership, AzInTelecom will provide Oracle products, along with other digital solutions for the medium and large business segment of Azerbaijan.


The complexity of analyzing an expanding data set against the background of digital transformation, the loss of time in data processing limits the possibilities for decision-making and maneuvering. The solutions provided by Oracle allow solving such problems. The company’s products, which offer the world’s most advanced solutions for processing large amounts of data, will contribute to the development of the digital economy in our country.


Using Oracle products will allow organizations to further improve efficiency and saving significantly on financial costs. The company also has a suite of solutions for sectors to further improve data processing efficiency. This feature enables organizations to integrate information systems into Oracle solutions more quickly.


The partnership with Oracle will open up new opportunities for AzInTelecom LLC, which provides cloud services, international voice traffic, digital business solutions and centralized information systems.


According to the Government Cloud Transition Plan, the next stage of this partnership will be more effective for organizations that have migrated their information systems to the AZCLOUD data center of AzInTelecom LLC, in accordance with the Government Cloud Transition Plan. Thus, in addition to licensed and secure software, ensuring the process of data collection, processing and flexible decision-making requires the involvement of highly qualified personnel and serious resources. One of the goals of the Government Cloud Transition Plan is to optimize IT costs. The partnership between AzInTelecom LLC and Oracle will enable organizations that have migrated to the AZCLOUD data center to obtain Oracle solutions at a more optimal cost.


This cooperation will contribute to the development of a new but much-needed field of data processing in Azerbaijan, the training of specialists in this field, as well as the acquisition of best practices in large-scale data processing.


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