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11.05.2022 / 15:06

Project “100 new international drivers” launched

The State Road Transport Service under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport has launched the project “100 new international drivers”. The project is being implemented at the Transport Training and Education Center in preparation for the implementation of the recently approved “Rules for Admission to International Passenger and Freight Transport by Road”.


The purpose is to train professional drivers in the field of international transport, to increase transport safety and competitiveness of the sector. The main goal of the project is to gain experience on the basis of international standards, increase the number of highly qualified drivers and help unemployed drivers to find jobs.


Unemployed drivers of C, C1E, CE categories will be able to participate in the trainings free of charge. Drivers’ tuition fees will be paid by the Azerbaijan International Road Carriers Association (ABADA). At the same time, under the agreement made between the State Road Transport Service and the State Employment Agency, unemployed persons undergoing professional training during the training period will be awarded scholarships in the appropriate form and their travel expenses will be reimbursed.


The “100 new drivers” project will be based on a curriculum and training materials that meet the requirements of the labor market, and implemented in modern classrooms and training sites for theoretical and practical parts. Highly qualified, experienced lecturers and associate professors from Azerbaijani higher education institutions, as well as master trainers are involved in the training process.


At the trainings, drivers engaged in international road transport will be provided with information on existing legal regulations in this area, operational characteristics of vehicles used in international transport and requirements to them. In addition, the rules of acceptance, registration, safe placement, fastening, transportation and delivery of goods, conditions and peculiarities of the transportation of different types of cargoes will be explained. The drivers will acquire knowledge about measures to be taken in case of road traffic accidents and first aid.


In conclusion, the drivers who receive certificates will be assisted in finding jobs. Thus, a database of drivers will be formed. This information will be made available to national carriers both through the State Road Transport Service and ABADA.


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