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19.01.2022 / 17:00

Online appeal service software developed for issuing insignia

As part of the work to ensure online accessibility of services of the State Road Transport Service under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, as well as to ensure digital transformation, software has been developed for the online appeal service for issuing of insignia.


The aim is to provide the comfort of carriers and drivers, minimize physical contact and prevent abuse.


Thanks to the integration of the newly created electronic system into the information systems of relevant government agencies, the number of documents required for the issuance of insignia has been reduced to a minimum. The appeal may be accompanied by scanned copies of documents relating to information that cannot be obtained from information systems of other state bodies. The system is connected to the Government Payment Portal of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan to provide payment of taxes, compulsory state social insurance and compulsory health insurance for issuance of insignia after submission of the appeal online. Citizens will be able to make payments through the Government Payment Portal in banks by entering card details directly through the system or on the basis of a document issued by the system. In accordance with the requirements of current legislation, since the insignia is a strict reporting form, and after submitting an appeal electronically, carriers without providing any documents will apply to the relevant regional body of the State Road Transport Service to obtain the insignia registered only in their names.


The online appeal service will save time of carriers transporting passengers and goods by road, contribute to accurate and transparent reporting, improve efficiency in this area and the development of the industry.


It should be noted that the electronic service will be posted on the website  It is expected that the electronic service will be launched on February 1, 2022.

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