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14.01.2022 / 13:48

Tariff (Price) Council adopted relevant decisions

At the next meeting of the Tariff (Price) Council, held on January 13, 2022, the appeals of the relevant entities were considered and certain decisions were adopted.


Thus, the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport applied to the Council and stated that the current tariffs for universal postal services were approved in January 2011, for the period from the date of approval of tariffs, cost of services has increased as a result of the increase in  the overall operating expenses of Azerpost, including costs for postal transportation (fuel prices, expenses paid in foreign currency for international transportation), which made the activity economically inefficient. The appeal also states the need to increase tariffs to cover the damages to the universal postal services, bring the weight and format of items in line with the requirements of the Universal Postal Union, and enhance the level of service.


The proposed tariffs will be lower than those of other postal operators and will also cover the costs associated with the service.


At the meeting, the proposals on universal postal services were considered expedient and a corresponding decision was made.


Tariffs for the use of universal postal services were approved by a unanimous decision of the members of the Tariff (Price) Council.


A comparative schedule of the old and new tariffs for universal postal services (attached) is available.


The appeal of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources states that the latest tariff regulation for the disposal and neutralization of hazardous medical waste was introduced on August 1, 2014, the current tariff does not cover costs and creates difficulties for potential entrepreneurs to invest in this area and provide quality services. In order to ensure effective management in this area, by the decision of the Tariff (Price) Council, the tariff for medical waste was brought into line with the tariff for other hazardous waste and was set at 80 manats/cu.m.


As a result of the tariff change, the dependence of entities on the state budget will be reduced, and the funds released in the budget will be directed to systematic and sustainable social activities implemented in the country.


The decisions will enter into force on January 17, 2022.


At the meeting of the Tariff (Price) Council, the prices for 168 names of medicines that have undergone state registration again were also approved.


It should be noted that a complete list of 13,032 medicines, their trade names, information on the pharmaceutical form, active substance, dosage, packaging form, quantity per package, wholesale and retail prices, taking into account the country of origin and the date of entry into force, can be found on the official website of the Tariff Council (,  in the section “Medicines” ( ).


The decisions are available in the section “Council Decisions” on the official website ( of the Tariff (Price) Council.

Secretariat of the Tariff (Price) Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan


By Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated December 26, 2005, the Tariff (Price) Council was established as a collegial executive body regulating prices (tariffs) and fees for services subject to state regulation.


Minister of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the Chairman of the Tariff (Price) Council, Deputy Minister of Finance, Deputy Minister of Justice, Deputy Minister of Energy, First Deputy Minister of Digital Development and Transport, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Deputy Minister of Health, Deputy Minister of Education, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of  Population, First Deputy Chairman of the State Customs Committee, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Architecture  and Urban Development are members of the Council.


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