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17.06.2021 / 10:11

Second round of elections to Public Council under Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies held

In order to fully form the composition of the Public Council under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, the second round of elections was held on June 16, 2021 in the administrative building of the Ministry located at the address: Zarifa Aliyeva 77, Sabail district, Baku city.


95 out of 102 registered representatives of civil society institutions took part in the elections as voters.


Upon completion of the electoral process, the properly sealed ballot box was opened, and the votes were counted in the presence of the members of the Election Commission. Out of 95 used ballots, 10 were declared invalid.


The eight candidates who received the most votes were elected to fill vacancies in the Public Council.


Thus, taking into account the two candidates elected to the Public Council in the first round of elections, the full composition (consisting of 10 people) of the Public Council under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, was formed as follows:


Siruz Huseyn oglu Abasbeyli – Chairman of Public Association Communication and Information Technology Specialists, former Minister of Communications;


Farhad Chinar oglu Eyyubov – Member of Public Association Independent Transporters Consultation and Information, Associate Professor of Azerbaijan Technical University, Candidate of Technical Sciences;


Nuraddin Saftar oglu Mehdiyev – Chairman of Youth Public Association Virtual Karabakh Information and Communication Technologies, member of the Council of State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan;


Farid Bayram oglu Pardashunas – was awarded the Presidential Award for Youth 2021 by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Member of Public Association Volunteers of Electronic Social Activity System;


Farid Farman oglu Kazimov – Executive Director of Public Association Azerbaijan Innovations Export Consortium;


Galib Islam oglu Gurbanov – Chairman of the Azerbaijan Internet Society;


Elmaddin Nadir oglu Muradov – Chairman of Public Association Journalism and Development Center;


Galib Tasim oglu Nabiyev – Chairman of Public Association Support to Socio-Economic Development;


Osman Gunduz Mehdi oglu – Director of Public Association Multimedia Information Systems and Technologies Center;


Elnara Ashir gizi Maharramova – Chairman of Public Association Education on Regional Socio-Economic Development.

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