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29.04.2021 / 13:49

Baktelecom launches optical network in Bina settlement

Baku Telephone Communications LLC (Baktelecom) under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies has launched a new optical network with a capacity of 5000 numbers in Sudchuluk housing estate in Bina settlement, located in Khazar district of the capital. In this territory, over 500 families have already been provided with telephone, Internet and TV services. Modems to support these services were provided for users free of charge.


Moreover, the project “Fiber to the Home” is being implemented in Atchilig housing estate of the settlement. Following the reconstruction work, residents will be provided with quality telecommunications services.


In general, Baktelecom plans to build an optical network with a capacity of 10,000 numbers in the settlement of Bina by mid-2022. It is expected that the ongoing reconstruction work will help fully satisfy the existing demand for communication services in this area.


It should be noted that an optical network with a capacity of 230,000 users has been created in Baku and surrounding areas within the project “Fiber to the Home”. Through this network, 130,000 apartments have already been connected to modern optical services. The network is based on GPON (Gigabyte Passive Optical Network) technology, which is the most advanced Internet connection. This technology not only guarantees a stable speed, but also allows providing telephone, Internet and TV services through one line.

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