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13.01.2021 / 12:00

In 2020, demand for e-signature certificates grew by 32%

Along with the growing number of electronic signature certificates in Azerbaijan, the scale of their use has also increased. Thus, 17,756 e-signature tokens were issued in 2020 by the National Certification Services Center of the Data Processing Center of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies. 9,838 of them were issued to government agencies, 4,990 – to entrepreneurs and 2,928 – to individuals. As can be seen from the above, the number of e-signature tokens issued in 2020 is 32% more compared to 2019.


The number of e-signature certificates issued in the last month was 2058.


The growth in the number of electronic signature users also leads to an increase in the number of transactions. Thus, roughly eight million transactions were carried out in 2020. 85% of them account for government agencies, which is 93% more compared to 2019.


It is to be recalled that an electronic signature is a means of identification and signature that works in accordance with electronic logic, which can be used in the form of a smart card and a USB token created in a digital environment. This signature, which cannot be imitated, is valid for three years.

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