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12.01.2021 / 10:00

Azerbaijan will take part in a competition that starts simultaneously worldwide

It will be possible to join the Global Game Jam 2021, which will simultaneously take place in about 200 countries around the world from January 27 to 31. The competition will also be held in Azerbaijan, which will be organized by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, Game Tech Azerbaijan with the support of SUP VC, Innovation Center Next Step, companies and Mad Rooster.


The goal of the competition is to bring together the community of game developers in Azerbaijan, to develop this field, in particular, to assist them in entering the international arena.


Global Game Jam Azerbaijan will be held online for the first time in our country. The event will be attended by programmers, artists, designers, 3D-modelers, sound and visual effects specialists interested in creating games.


During the competition, participants will prepare different games on the same topic. The topic will be announced worldwide simultaneously. Global Game Jam 2021 participants will get valuable prizes.


It should be noted that registration consists of two stages. You can take part in the Global Game Jam by following the registration links below:

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