Towards Digital Azerbaijan

The project “Towards Digital Azerbaijan” is being implemented with the aim of improving digital literacy in the regions, developing knowledge and skills in the field of ICT, measuring the current potential of the region in the field of ICT, taking measures based on constant monitoring and supporting development.

As part of the  regional project, launched by the Innovation and Digital Development Agency  on 24 November 2022, educational and informative trainings will be held for residents of the region with interest and experience in ICT, working, studying and aspiring to a career in more than 60 cities and regions of Azerbaijan, as well as bilateral meetings  will be held with executive authorities, relevant organisations and institutions.

One of the priorities of the Towards Digital Azerbaijan project is to train ICT specialists and provide them with employment in their regions. To this end, mentors and leading educational centres in the country organize trainings and interactive discussions on innovative professions of the future during visits to the regions within the framework of the Technest Scholarship Programme. Participants are recruited into the scholarship programme after passing on-site testing by the educational centers.