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Project “Lightest” – “global reliability” presented at Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies


Presentation of the project “Lightest” – “global reliability”   -  the largest global research of the organization Fraunhofer,  specializing in applications and programs in Europe, was held at the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies (MTCHT). Representatives of subordinate organizations of the ministry attended the presentation, which was organized on the initiative of MTCHT.


The event was focused on the work carried out in the field of e-government in our country, including the role of electronic services and e-signature infrastructure in the field of transparency and efficiency of state bodies and government’s attention to this area.


Expansion of application of the state-of-the-art technologies in public administration, Azerbaijan’s achievements in projects such as electronic government, electronic signature were discussed  at the event. It was noted that the experience gained in this area could be an example for other countries. Speakers emphasized the importance of cooperation with leading countries to benefit from the experience of other countries in this area. It was noted that the project “Lightest” -  “global reliability” may also be important from this perspective.


Then the project was presented by doctor of Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering, coordinator of the project Lightest Heiko Rossnagel and head of the international forum Rachelle  Sellung.


Noting the growing interest in the global project, the project coordinator said that currently 14 partners from 9 countries - Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Turkey are participating in the implementation of the project Lightest. It was noted that one of the main issues in the establishment of global electronic communication is the exact identification of the opposite side. In the project Lightest the identifying tool in this process is an infrastructure that creates a chain of trust that will confirm the reliability of the electronic signature and indirectly the reliability  of the electronic signature provider  of  the  Certification Services Center.


The project Lightest provides a solution that helps identify fraudulent identities during electronic transactions. This solution guarantees the reliability of confirmation of tools and sensors for Internet of Things in Electronic Procurement, Electronic Justice, Electronic Health and legal areas, as well as electronic signatures used on platforms with different applications.


The presentation ended with exchange of views on the project and discussions.