Department of Innovative Development of Information Society and Electronic Governance


I. General provisions



The Department for Development of Information Society (hereinafter – the Department) of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the structural unit of  the administrative office of the  Ministry of Communications and High Technologies (hereinafter – the Ministry).



Within the framework of the powers granted by these Regulations, the Department  defines strategic targets conditioning the development area of science, technology and the  information society  regarding the activities of  the agencies that are  subordinate to the structure and  the agencies  that are not subordinate to the structure of the Ministry (hereinafter – the Bodies).



The activity  of the Department is  guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Civil Service” and other laws, decrees and orders of the  President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decisions and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, regulations on the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan, other legislative acts, decisions and  orders of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan (hereinafter- the Minister) and these Regulations.



When carrying out its duties and rights the Department interacts  with  structural divisions, agencies of the Ministry, as well as central and local executive authorities, self-government bodies and international and non-governmental organizations, as well as individuals and legal entities operating in this field.


II. Areas of activity of the Department



The  areas of activity of the Department are as follows:



Gives suggestions on formation of normative-legal base for the certain field and participates in their implementation;



Participates in working out conceptions, state programs, and strategies on certain field and coordinates their implementation for the relevant field;



Takes measures to develop the information society, to eliminate the "digital divide"  and coordinates activities in this field.   



Participates in the  implementation of state policy in the country on the development of national segment of internet network, takes measures for the use  of internet and development of  broadband internet;



Participates in provision of information security, in the implementation of activities in the field of protection of personal data and carries out coordination of activities related to the authorities of the Ministry in this field ;



Participates in the development  and implementation of  measures related to the application of  new technologies and  expansion of information services;



Participates in the development and implementation  of scientific-technical and innovation  policy on  high technologies’



Carries out coordination of activities together with relevant bodies  related to  the authorities  of the Ministry for the development of nuclear technologies  for peaceful purposes;



Carries out measures together with relevant bodies on the development of internet economy, including digital markets  and implements  coordination of activities in this field;



Participates in the implemntation of measures on provision and  training of highly qualified personnel  and professionals in the relevant field;



Takes measures on enhancing  the education, awareness  and the level of preparedness in the field of information technology;



Suprevises the application of information technologies, creation and improvement of information systems in the Ministry 



Acts in  other areas as set forth by the legislation.


III. Duties of the Department



The Department performs following tasks in accordance with the activities defined by these Regulations:



 In accordance with the Constitution Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Normative-legal Acts” to work out draft legislations on the activity fields,and  order and decrees of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decisions  and  order projects of the Cabinet of Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as normative legal acts of the Ministry and to participate in their preparation implementation;



To determine priorities for the development of  the field together with relevant bodies and structural divisions   of the Ministry  , to ensure the  implementation of state programs and development concepts and, to participate in working out and implementation of scientific-technical and development strategy in this field;



To organize coordination and monitoring of the implementation of National Strategy, State Programs on the relevant field, to participate in preparation of reports on their progress;



To take measures for the development of state, science, education, business and civil society partnership on formation  and development of high technologies  sector;



To take necessary measures to improve  the development  of Internet in the country,  the quality of Internet services, to conduct monitoring in this area, to coordinate the activities of Internet service providers and operators;



To organize the activity of the Coordination Council for the Development of the Internet;



To give proposals  on expansion of the use of  “.az” domain and its development, to participate in preparation of  normative-legal documents in this field and  monitoring of their implementation;



To participate in preparation of proposals for ensuring the protection of   information security, cyber-security, and personal data, to coordinate work related to the authorities of the Ministry in this area;



To obtain relevant information on the Internet information resources,  to investigate applications received on violations of the internet users' rights in the field of protection of personal data on the Internet and  take measures for their solution;



To consider the appeals came in  regarding issuance of  special permit (license) to the activity in the field of formation of information reserves of personal data and establishment of information systems, in the field of rendering services to them, investigate the compliance of these appeals to the existing requirements and rules and work out  documents in connection of issuance of  special permit (license) in accordance with the legislation and give suggestions, to control compliance with the license requirements and terms;



To submit proposals for the development of information systems and resources in government agencies, to participate in the consideration of documents  received in the Ministry;



To submit proposals for the development of nuclear technologies for peaceful purposes, ensuring their use and submit proposals for strengthening the capacity of highly qualified personnel, to coordinate  work in this field related to the authorities of the Ministry;



To carry out  analysis of international reports in the field and prepare proposals for the development of the national system of statistics on the information society, to participate in the submission of necessary information to the  international rating agencies on the information society;



To participate in preparation  and implementation of proposals on development of Internet economy, digital markets, e-commerce and  coordinate the activities of the ministry in this field with  international organizations;



To participate in preparation  and implementation of proposals on definition of innovation policy and  expansion of scientific and technical capacity accelerating the process of building the information society and participate in their implementation;



To study the demand for highly qualified personnel for the areas of activity of the Ministry, training of personnel, training of specialists and to make proposals for additional education and  participate in their implementation;



To develop proposals  for enhancing people's knowledge and skills in the field of information and communication technologies and participate in the implementation of measures in this area ;



To build relationships in the areas of activity with international organizations, relevant scientific centers  and organizations of foreign countries together with the ministry's structural divisions, coordinate  the ministry's activities related to participation in  international scientific,  scientific and technical programs and projects;



To submit proposals on areas of activity for holding  local, regional and international events, conferences, trainings, competitions, olympiads and other events, implement them or participate in their implementation;



Give opinion on normative legal acts, state programs, strategies and other relevant documents received in the Ministry in this field;           



To participate in the development of  state standards and classifications in the areas of activity;



Coordinate activities of the Ministry in the areas of activity with other executive authorities, private sector and civil society institutions;



To participate in the process of public awareness on the activities of the ministry in this field ;



To consider letters and complaints received in the Ministry, answer them in a timely manner  and take other measures;



To carry out other duties in accordance with the areas of activity as prescribed by law.


IV. Rights of the Department


The Department  has following rights to fulfill its duties:



To prepare initial draft regulations for areas of activity or submit proposals for the prepared projects;



To study domestic and international practices for areas of activity  and make proposals regarding the application of appropriate practices;



To submit proposals for participation of the experts of the Ministry in various training courses, forums and conferences;



To build mutual business relationship with structural divisions of the Ministry, government agencies, municipalities, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, relevant government agencies of foreign countries, local and foreign private companies  operating in high technologies sector, research institutions, educational institutions, mass media and public organizations and  to take appropriate measures with them;



To request to the ministry’s structural divisions, bodies, institutions and organizations for necessary information (documents) and obtain such information (documents) from them;



To involve the employees of the Ministry’s structural divisions to the development of documents, as well as the implementation of measures imposed on the department  in accordance with their duties with the consent from the heads of these structural divisions;



Give opinion on the areas of activity, conduct analysis, generalizations, monitorings, and investigations;



To participate in exhibitions, forums, seminars and conferences and  submit proposals for  participation in such events;



To participate in  development of regulatory documents in the areas of activity;



To participate in the organization of work  for application  and improvement of information technologies in structural divisions of the administrative office of the  Ministry;



To report on the progress of  work done by the department  and the results  as part of  the work done to the management of the Ministry on a regular basis;



To request necessary information, as well as statistical data (with observance of confidentiality ) from the physical and legal entities  who have been granted license in the field of formation of information resources of individual data, establishment of information systems, and rendereing services to them in accordance legislation in power and  control the implementation of licensing terms;



To give suggestions for taking measures regarding prevention of breach of requirements of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Individual Data” and bring to justice the  persons who breach the requirements of the law;



To participate in activities of working groups and international organizations in the areas of activity with the consent from the management;



To carry out  other rights in accordance with the areas of activity as provided  by law.


V. Organization of the activity of the Department



The  structure and of the department and number of staff units  is approved by the Minister.



No one can interfere with the activity of the department except the person authorized by the Minister.



The Department is headed by  head of  department which is  appointed and dismissed by the Minister.



Head of department is personally responsible for the organization of work of the department, performing the duties assigned to the department and the implementation of its rights.



In the absence of the head of department, one of administrative officers  carries out his duties in the prescribed manner.



Other employees of the department  are appointed and dismissed by the Minister



Head of Department:



Draws up work plan of the Department and reports to the management on its  implementation;



Organize  preparation of job descriptions of department  employees and presents to the management;



Makes distribution of work among employees, instructs employees in accordance with areas of activity and duties of the department;



Supervises the compliance  with labour, performance discipline and internal rules by department employees, as well as  makes proposals to the management on employee benefits;



Organizes compliance of clerical work in the department with the “Instructions on conducting clerical work in  government agencies, legal entities, budget organizations whose control envelope  of shares (stocks) belongs to the state”;



Bears responsibility for ensuring  protection measures of state secrets in the activity of department;



Participates  in the meetings of the  Board of Ministry, relevant meetings and events, gives suggestions to put forward the issues arising from the activities of fields coordinating the activity of the Department;



Represents the Ministry in the higher authorities, other central executive bodies, international organizations, foreign countries on the instruction of the management and protects its interests;



Heads  the implementation of the work envisaged in the Ministry’s Regulations and related to the activity of the Department;



Employees of the Department  bear responsibility for violation of  requirements of these Regulations as envisaged by the legislation of the  Republic of Azerbaijan.



Each employee of the Department is responsible for data confidentiality  that is known to them and data containing  state or business secret in accordance with their duties and powers.